About Us

THY is an innovative online fashion house that was founded in 2019. We are amongst the first premium fashion brands in Malaysia to feature exquisite detailing as part of our design. Our emphasis on the detailing not only makes our designs unique, it also adds to their elegance and class.

Our products are a fashion statement for the modern woman on the go. When you choose one of our outfits, you are dressing yourself with the confidence to express your individuality; someone who stands out from the crowd with her elegance, class and sense of style.

We are passionate about fashion and the betterment of women’s role in society. We believe that by starting an online store, we are starting a business trend that other women can follow. Our hope is that our efforts will fulfil our ambition to create our own fashion signature; an imprint in Malaysian women’s fashion that says "Styled by Thy".


To bring a new wind of change to the Malaysian fashion scene and start a fashion trend where the Thy woman is someone who dresses in style while holding strongly to the best of Malaysian culture and tradition.


We provide support to our customers by helping to interpret major fashion trends around the world. When our customers shop with us, they not only receive designer fashion products but also the artistic and skilled efforts of our designers and tailors who are always passionate about making clothes that brings joy to the wearer.